CAMAGÜEY.- To 35 years of created, the Banco Popular de Ahorro (BPA) is maintained as an institution for reliability in the population in order to protect their financial resources, at the same time that diversifies its services to tone with the new technologies.

In 5942, the Camagüey branch, located in the Avenue of Martyrs, in La Vigía, a distinction is made between the 19 remaining in the province of BPA, among other reasons, because of the strict internal control, accounting, and certified the absence of illegalities.

Mario Martinez Penalva, director of the banking unit, highlighted as the main services, the promotion of the culture of saving; financings to natural persons - with more than 51 million pesos in loans granted for the purchase of construction materials, and to legal persons.

Even though it is located in the urban area of the capital of Camagüey, are also approved loans to small farmers; and the ease in addition to non-state workers, victims of climate phenomena and citizens from the consent of the Council of the Municipal Administration receive subsidies for the construction of their houses.

To the seven ATMs in the living room they sum up four automatic ones: two located in outdoor areas of the branch and an equal amount in other nearby points of the city.

The unit, ethics, good treatment and the sense of belonging are traits that distinguish the collective, which sum 60 men and women, although the latter are approximately 90 % of the total, and have made it possible that are creditors of the condition along the paths of the triumph, which gives the Central de Trabajadores de Cuba, and are nominated to the condition of National Vanguard.

From 1983, Ivon Perez Gonzalez works in the banking system, and 90 in the 1970s of the last century she joined the Banco Popular de Ahorro, when all processes are made manually, in contrast to the present, which is dominated by the use of computers.

In the area of accounting, is responsible today for the review and audit of the documentation to be processed. "It is a counterpart, the security and confidence that everything that has been done on the day, is correct, since controlled the checks, income and expenditure, the tools and the balance of the accounts."

"It fascinates me, is my life, my house: I have a sense of belonging very important, which is what should characterize a banking, in addition to the discipline, the image, the behavior and the treatment. In five years I retired, but I still don't want to think about how it will be that time."

From this experience, it connects, for example, the young woman Yudisleydis Diaz del Risco, who graduated eight years ago as an engineer from the University of Information Sciences, but the professional life has become a bank worker.

It all started when assigned to the Provincial Directorate of BPA in their period of training as a specialist in computer security, and then in the branch of La Vigíahas gone through several areas: in the hall leading to the customers, in the file, such as compliance officer of internal control, credit recovery manager, manager of cash, and now as the custodian of the operational fund in vault.

"Here I have done, and I'm in love with what I do, which implies a huge responsibility, because I have to remit cash, subject to coordination with the Provincial Directorate, to all branches of Camagüey".

The Banco Popular de Ahorro, with 35 years of created, maintained as premises the professional attention to the customer, now with the addition of new services such as magnetic cards and mobile banking, in which a distinction is also the branch 5942, in the capital of Camagüey.