CAMAGÜEY.- With the premise of paying suitable and progressive attention to the children with visual and auditory impairments, the Special education faces its chore in this province, to which all the infants with some disability have free access.

The School Antonio Suárez Domínguez, placed in the head municipality, and where more than 80 children perceive every day the fondness and the education, is a sample of it, on having expired with the principal order of forming them to be useful to the society, said in conversation Mariluz Casas, assistant director of educational work of this institution.

Forms of attention and services of orientation and training, are at the disposal of pupils with special educational needs for being blind persons, of low vision, with strabismus or amblyopia, deaf persons and with hearing loss, mentioned the assistant director, with 30 years dedicated to the Special education.

As sublime love profession qualified this work, at the same time she emphasized that to teach the children to see and to listen through the rest of the organs of the senses is a complex mission where there come together the emotions and the commitment to direct them to guarantee the easiest coexistence.

The school, with three decades of created, receives children from one year in the Lounge of Early Stimulation up to the sixth grade in case of the blind persons, and the rest journeys to the primary schools when the health specialists think that they assemble the conditions to do it.

Mariluz assured that the existence of educational centers as this one constitutes an unquestionable achievement of the Cuban Revolution, like a right that complements itself, also, with the medical attention inside the enclosure and in the hospitable institutions to give pursuit to the pathologies of the children.

The complementary classroom, where there is given the subject of skills of the daily life, becomes important space for the instruction of essential conducts.

Idelsi González, teacher of this discipline with more than 20 years in the education, strengthens every day in the children how to learn to support the personal cleaning, arrange the hearth, to dress themself correctly, to stretch the beds, to use the silverware, to sit down to the table and to manipulate the remote control panel of the teams of television and DVD players.

Specialties of music, dance, theater and plastic arts are also annexed to the program of study of the general education in this education to motivate the interest in the artistic manifestations and the expression by means of them.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez