CAMAGUEY.- The focus of ecosystem in the comprehensive and coordinated work among the different sectors, economic centers and research, among others, has improved the environmental index in Camaguey between 2017 and 2018.

Camaguey, recently selected to host celebrations in Cuba for World Environment Day next June 5th thanks to its advances in the implementation of the Tarea Vida (Work for Life) which is a prioritized State plan to confront climate change.

According to specialists of the provincial office of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA) since the approval and execution of Tarea Vida in 2017, Camaguey has advanced in compliance with the objectives of the project.

The relocation of homes far from coastal areas that were hit by Hurricane Irma last September and the rehabilitation, expansion of water supply systems and the treatment of residues in other communities affected by the storm are some of the achievements in the territory.

Work has also been executed in the eradication of urban illegalities in beach areas, the recovery of sand in the ecosystems, the reforestation and protection of the mangroves are some of the actions contemplated in the objectives of the State Plan.

In addition to Tarea Vida, Camaguey has advanced in the conservation and sustainable management of the soil during the period of 2017 and 2018, with over 27 thousand hectares of land that has been benefited with the reduction of the determining factors of degradation, said the Head of CITMA’s Environmental Center in the province.

The forest index was also increased reaching 26.43 percent of the total surface of the province and the access to drinking water through a system that runs through the homes benefiting over 561 thousand inhabitants.

The national activity for World Environment Day will be held at the Avellaneda Theater in the city of Camaguey next June 5th as the conclusion of a series of activities that includes granting environmental recognitions to several institutions in the province.