CAMAGÜEY. - The Company of Derivatives of the Steel in this province stabilizes its production after four months of delay in the fulfillment of the delivery of its products, which is today 25 per cent of the whole.

Ubaldo Acosta Cepero, the director of this entity, mentioned that the delay in the arrival of the raw material proceeding from countries of Latin America and Asia, provoked that the plans of the metal industry were broken from January until April.

At present they are already provided with the wire rod, what assured the standardization of the productions and it will allow satisfying the demands of the prioritized programs, confirmed the manager.

Among its main clients are included the departments of the Agriculture and Home Trade, the groups Agroindustrial Azcuba and managerial Tabacuba, the Special Area of Development Mariel and the Housing, said Acosta Cepero.

Electro-weld and galvanized meshes, wires with spikes, galvanized and restew, staples for roofs and fences, electrodes to weld, brads, screws and washers are the products that the Company of Derivatives of the Steel of Camagüey, assigned to the Managerial Group of the Industry Sidero-Mecánica, makes this year.

With a plan foreseen in the year of more than 18 thousand tons of these choices, the entity contributes also wire of three and five millimeters and a half to make the slats of the blinds of concrete that are prepared in Nuevitas as an initiative that takes part of the program of local production of materials of the construction in the province, one of most affected in Cuba for the hurricane Irma.

Acosta Cepero highlighted the effort of the workpeople of the industry in 2017, to assume metallurgical productions destined to supply to all the regions of the country, affected by the dashing of the above-mentioned phenomenon.

In this occasion he said, they worked with the intention of fulfilling the linked meshes demand to cover two kilometers of perimeter fences in airports and tourist facilities, simultaneously that they made 200 tons of nails of different dimensions, and other 100 of electrodes to weld.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez