CAMAGÜEY. - The news about the synchronization of the solar park Imias, in the municipality Sierra de Cubitas, fills with joy those who prefer the renewable energy sources as an alternative for the generation of electricity, without contamination to the environment.

Managers and specialists in institutional communication of the Electrical Company Camagüey informed that in the execution and starting of this work, located opposite to the substation that takes the name of Imias, the investment entity, Copextel, the Department of the Construction, the project Company of Architecture number 11 and Chinese advisers had an active role.

The solar park is located in a six hectares area and it has 400 tables with 22 panels each of them, capable of generating 2,2 MegaWatts in the solar peak of the midday, according to technical precisions facilitated by the source.

The personnel of the new installation is composed of a chief of brigade and 12 operators, all formed by the Electrical Company Camagüey.

To transform the energy of the sun into energy that we could apply to our daily life, we will need a photoelectric cell, and that is an electronic device that allows transforming the luminous energy into electric power, by means of the use of a process called photoelectric effect.

With this new park, they sum up three in the Camagüey province. The first one in Guáimaro and the second one in the precincts of the Integrated Center of Technology of the Water (CITA, for its acronym in Spanish) in the North Beltway that takes the name of August 13 in homage to the date of the onomastic one of the Historical Leader of the Revolution Fidel Castro Ruz.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez