CAMAGÜEY.- The 52nd National Day of Fire protection it develops in this province, with the target to strengthen the educational work in the companies, entities, organisms and the population to preserve the life and the resources before facts of this type.

As part of the program of the above-mentioned day, the Provincial Company of Dairy products of Camagüey was a head office of a simulacrum of fire, which included the performance of his managers and workpeople to face a risk of this type, up to the arrival of the forces and specializing means of the firemen and the Red Cross.

Alexis Gil Pérez, the director of the entity, told that this helps to raise the safety level of the facilities, by means of the preparation of the group, and it also allows to take the cooperation ties in to act before a contingency of this nature.

For his part, lieutenant colonel Tomás Pedrosa Yánez, chief of the Fire department in Camagüey, expressed that the principal targets they head to strengthen the joint work of all the factors that intervene in the prevention and extinction of fires and the liquidation of his consequences.

The meeting between firemen of different generations, the stimulation to the best entities, competitions between fire protection brigades, the awards ceremony of the contest voluntary Fireman I am, they appear between the principal actions in the National Day of Protection from that began today in territory of Camagüey.