CAMAGÜEY.- The National Workshop on Freedom of Expression, which is in session in this city, held by the Journalists' Union of Cuba (UPEC), began with words of extraordinary validity of the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, who in 1964, ratified the beginning of the defense of the Revolution opposite to the media campaigns of the enemy.

“They accuse us of that there is no freedom of the press; and it is true, there is no freedom of the press for the bourgeoisies, the bourgeoisies, the reactionary ones do not have here freedom of the press; and there is a line, the line of the Revolution”.

In the opening of the professionals' meeting of the mass media and representatives of organizations of the Cuban civil society, the vice the national president of the UPEC, Doctor Rosa Miriam Elizalde, remembered Carlos Bastidas, “the last journalist murdered in Cuba, 60 years ago, who challenging the censoring of press of the tyranny of Fulgencio Batista, came to the Island for to interview Fidel in the Sierra Maestra in 1958”.

The program includes conferences on the New tendencies of the digital journalism, and the work in the social networks; and the radio electronic War against Cuba.

In the evening, it will be inaugurated in Camagüey, the exhibition of photo “1958“, of Perfecto Romero, National Award of Journalism José Martí, who accompanied Commander Ernesto Guevara in the days before to the victory of the Cuban Revolution.

This year, the United Nations Organization for the Education, the Science and the Culture, (UNESCO), celebrates the twenty and fifth edition of the World Day of the Freedom of the press; and the Cuban journalists, in the direction of the Tenth Congress of the UPEC, join the commemoration, insurances of which the truth needs us.