CAMAGÜEY. - As we were taught by the best Latin American, José Martí, the first greeting, the first visit was for The Major, because we owe respect to the heroes for the life.

Up to the Revolution Square that takes its name arrived the members of the International Brigade “May 1st” and "Ernesto Che Guevara". Even there we went, to know their intentions, their goals, their wishes in / for Cuba.

In the middle of so much heat, 257 faces were poking in everything, were joining for the photo, were sheltering under the common flag, that of the solidarity without importance of nationalities or borders. Instead of the press come to them, they were coming, and the questions were done in all directions.

How to buy books, where Cuban music is danced, who were the actors that gave them the welcome, how it is called Guillén's poem (Elegia camagüeyana) … the common language of the solidarity: about the Che, Fidel, our Ignacio Agramonte … there were the first questions, of the rest …

Edgar Alexander Villanueva Ríos, is a Peruvian lawyer, and of peasant parents. It is his first time in Cuba. “This brigade gives us the opportunity to work, to share, to learn of the solidarity that characterizes you. In my country there is much violence, corruption, and they all are hostile of all, here, although they have differences, the Cubans helps one another, is not left alone.

“Personally, I have always been interested in Cuba, its process of emancipation and its Revolution, its political system, its responsibility, its solidarity, the fact that the History is shared from the smallest, of which it is counted well through what they have lived, that does not happen in my country.

“We come to become stronger like peoples, in the defense of all, this is something very important for us, we come to learn that; we want to work, share this days”.

Kiernan Colby is 24 years old and he is a leader of the trade union of workpeople of the health, (International Trade union of Personnel and Services, SEIU for its initials in English) in California.

“In the United States the trade unions are weak; we are always in struggle against the capitalist forces that think about how to worsen our quality of life.

“I come with the brigade to know what it is happening in Cuba so that I could take the example of the struggle of the Cuban people up to the workpeople of the trade unions of the United States so that they see that there is indeed hope, that when we are united we will be successful.

“About Cuba, they always tell us that it is a bad country, that the people live imprisoned, that there is no safety, and this is not what I have seen, is the opposite, it is wonderful. You have many profit, we have still to look for wage guarantees, for the labor safety, for the rest time”.

Adney Figueiredo is Brazilian, and she commented to us: "I come to share our experiences, to tell how they want to prevent from having a democratic and popular government, with the imprisonment of Lula and promoting a groundless trial against him. This is something that not only happens to us, it happens in other Latin-American countries, that's why it is important that we are here, that we join, that we defend our rights.

“We also have to support Cuba that suffers a media campaign very aggressive against its reality. We have to be here to defend our rights”.

The vast Cuban flatness will be a fertile soil for the solidarity and brotherhood between the peoples, not only of the American continent, but of Africa and Asia, because the solidarity is the common language of the men and women of good will.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez