CAMAGÜEY.-Leslie Salgado returns to her native Ecuador whenever she can. Since more than 30 years ago, she lives in the United States but she does not forget her roots, “I need to touch my ground, to visit dad”. Something similar happens to her with Cuba.

“I came here with Lucius Walker, in the first trailer for the peace, when only we came with three carts. At that time, not even the press took us seriously, when the movement was already becoming big, then they realized that it was something big, powerful.

“Not all of us that came with Lucius we were religious, but the ideas that were promoted inside the movement were just, human, the religious principles of defense of the poorest, of the justice.

“Today we continue the struggle for eliminating the blockade. This is an inhuman, aggressive politics. Whenever I see someone and I tell to him that the damage that it does to the Cuban people at once he repudiates it.

“Cuba does not deserve this evil. Here there are only hard-working, kind, united, happy, and sensitive persons; you are truly rich for what you have, for how you have fought to have it.

“The movement of which I am part in the United States, from which we support the Cuban and your cause to eliminate the blockade, it´s called Cuba is hope, and it is like that, you are a hope, you are hope”.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez