CAMAGÜEY.- From the next April 25, for four days, this province will be the epicenter of the International Brigade of Solidarity May 1st. For the first time in Camagüey, 300 members of the International Brigade of 30 nationalities will exchange in productive centers, cooperatives, scientific institutions and hospitals.

According to the organizers, the first activity will be to pay tribute to the Major General Ignacio Agramonte in the Square of Revolution that takes his name. They will visit the museums of the City of the Tinajones and will visit the factories of dairy products Coppelia, La Vaquita, and that of rum Port-au-Prince and will exchange with peasants of the Basic Unit of Cooperative Production La Paz.

Doing honor to the target for which it was created, on April 27 they will dedicate the morning to do a voluntary work in Organic Plantation Tínima of this city and in the evening of proper 27th they will go to several scientific institutions of the city. The Brigade also plans to travel up to the municipality of Minas, where they will be able to enjoy several community projects that there takes forward the Brigade José Martí of Instructors of Art, the Inder and the Community of Haitians' Progeny. In this proper Camagüey´s territory, they will be received in the factory of derivatives of the wire and in the Credit and Services Cooperative “1. de Mayo”.

Finally, before set off towards Havana, where they will be present at the parade for the International Day of the Workpeople, they will be able to enjoy an artistic gala the best of the Camagüey’s talent.

As recounted Eduardo Almanza González, delegate of the ICAP in the territory, this will be a unique opportunity so that the members of the International Brigade know the potentialities and the principal conquests of the Cuban Revolution in Camagüey. “Also our trade union leaders will tackle with them the characteristics of the celebrations on May 1st in Cuba and will share on the rich history of the Head office of Workpeople of Cuba (CTC) in its 80 anniversary”, he emphasized.

They will arrive to Cuba on April 23 and they will be here until May 6, 2018, their long journey includes the provinces of Havana, Artemisa, Villa Clara and Camagüey. The targets are to achieve that its members acquire a major knowledge of the Cuban reality and the transformations that are carried out in the country, like part of the update of the economic model of our socialistic project. This one is already 13 edition and its intention is to keep on forging the unit and solidarity between the peoples of the world.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez