CAMAGÜEY.- For the first time The International Brigade of Solidarity with Cuba First of May, will visit the province of Camagüey, composed of almost 300 union leaders, social movements and parties of the left, from 30 nations.

 In the XIII International Contingent of Solidarity with Cuba, are represented delegations from all continents, and the most numerous ones come from the United States, Great Britain, Ghana, Brazil, Canada, Peru, Honduras and Chile.

 Convened by the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP), the Brigade will share in the Greater one of the Antilles the International Workers' Day, especially devoted to the 60 anniversary of the victory of the Revolution, and 70 years after the murder of the labor leader Jesús Menéndez Larrondo.

 In Camagüey, the friends of the world will develop a varied program from April 26 to 28, which provides tours and exchanges with groups of workers in the areas of science and health, culture and sports, production centers and peasants.

 The members of the Brigade may also visit the provinces of Havana, Artemis and Villa Clara, and participate in the Cuban capital in the International Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba, which is held every year in celebration of the May 1, International Workers Day.