NUEVITAS, CAMAGÜEY. - If major mishaps do not appear, the workers of the brigade three, of the Company of Construction and Assembly number two, placed in this industrial town, hope to finish in greeting to May 1st, International Day of the Workpeople, the execution of 50 petrocasas donated to Cuba by the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela due to the hurricane Irma.

The young engineer in civil construction Ernesto Hernández Hernández, at the head of the work, said that after difficulties of arid they would begin again the construction of the foundations that were missing and on the commitment done with the Commander of the Revolution Ramiro Valdés Menéndez during a visit to the place, exhibited that it is possible to achieve.

In recent trip for the investment, we appreciate that already one of the houses, of three bedrooms, was practically finished, only it was lacking the electrical installation and details of the tiled of the bath and the hydraulic installation.

The petrocasas settle in a platform in the area of Pastelillo, of the Popular Advice Number Uno-Tarafa, and as it was known they will be assigned to harmed from the industrial sector that suffered severe affectations last September, to Irma's step along this northern region.

Nuevitas assumes this year one of the tensest programs of housing construction, the majority for self-help and the contribution of mobilized people in the communities.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez