CAMAGÜEY.- The increase in the planting of different crops and the fulfillment of the contracts, are the best tribute to the 60 anniversary of the First Peasant Congress in Weapons, said in Camagüey Rafael Santiesteban Pozo, President of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) in the country.

For a summary of the experiences derived from the process of balance of community-based organizations, completed in the province, also a member of the Council of State pointed out that today the priority is the materialization of the agreements of the XI Congress of the ANAP, almost three years after its completion.

Also focuses the work of the Camagüey´s peasants the insertion of science and technique in the production routines, efficient entry of the land fund, the growth of the partners and the integration of young people into the sector, to contribute to the nation's food security.

Special attention is also given to the improvement of the infrastructure of cooperatives, to promote the improvement of the quality of life in the communities in which they are located, which taxed the realization of sporting, cultural and recreational activities for socialization and exchange.

Likewise, the holder stressed that the process of renewal and/or ratification of mandate is an 85 % of implementation in the country, and that we will soon be will celebrate the 59 anniversary of the signing of the First Law of Agrarian Reform, one of the most important transformations driven by the Cuban Revolution.