CAMAGÜEY.- A score of the natural products that commercializes at present the Managerial Unit of Base (UEB) of Biopharmaceutical Productions (Labiofam) in the province, both for human and animal use, they are prepared in this territory.

The honey with propolis, beneficial for the respiratory tract; the Nutrivin and the Ferrical, syrups nutritional restorers; the hydrolyzed proteins, nutritionalrestorative for birds, bovine and porcine; and the boric alcohol, antiseptic and disinfectantsolution, they are the most commercialized ones in two drugstores of Labiofam, located in the Street Maceo and in the Shopping center The Charity, both in the municipality of Camagüey.

The enzyme Pepsin, solution that is used to form clots in the milk to prepare cheese; the Biorat 4 kg and 250 g, biologicalbio-insecticides and rodenticides; the Borilab, insecticide for the control of the plagues of cockroaches and other insects; soap for pets and oil for massages, they join this list of local production.

Belkis Reyes Moreno, sales clerk of the drugstore of The Charity, mentioned to Adelante Digitalthat also other choices like the cosmetic creams, the facial gel anti-acne and the Asmasán, brought from other provinces as Villa Clara, Santiago de Cuba and Holguín, among others, have great acceptance.

Reyes Moreno told that the sale of these products can be coordinated through requests of the centers of work and moved forward that soon two new points of sale will be opened, in the share-outs Julio Antonio Mella and LaYaba.

Labiofam, Managerial Group belonging to the Department of the Agriculture in the country, develops the so-called closed cycle of investigation, production, commercialization and exportation of elaborated pharmaceutical products all with natural components.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez