CAMAGÜEY. - To be a pedagogue is a job worthyof recognition, more when it is practiced by young people who demonstrate to be continuators of the beautiful work of educating and that achieve, year after year, excellent results in the National Festival of the Class, which now developed its last edition in the province of Matanzas.

In this contest, the University of Camagüey Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz obtained an excellent third place for groups. On its participation and the preparation that led her to concludeamong the first institutions of the nationspeakes Roeris González Sivilla, teacher of Biology of our University who was at the head of the Camagüey´s delegation.

-How was the preparation?

- Here an elimination system was made, that is to say, the contests of the class were developing in several levels and as soon as there was selected the pre-selection of the students, this one took part in a training guided by tutors, who worked in a series of requisites to be fulfilled in the presentations in competition. In addition, before to the national event, we did a general workshop with examining boards integrated by prestigious specialists of the pedagogic sciences and in which there were identified the principal limitations that the classeshad.

-In addition to students of pedagogic careers, at the joust a Law student was present.

- This is a merit that demonstrates that they all were trained. Every student who took part was advised by his tutors; some with classes and means of education showier than others, but in the technical - methodological and didactic order all the papers were very well structured.

-Are youhappy with the performance of the University in the event and the defended topics?

- I did not take part in the whole preparation process, nevertheless, I am happy with what they did, I was satisfied by the result of our boys, the professionalism and responsibility that they showed; and the recognition grows when we analyze that two universities that overcame us are the biggest of the country: that one of Las Villas and that one of East.

-What importance covers for the students the incursion in these events?

- It allows the students to socialize the chore of the different contingents that have been created in the universities. Also, it helps them in their development as teachers, not only to those that are of pedagogic sciences, but to those whointegratethe assistants pupils' movement and that they constitute the quarry with which we can be provided the teachers of some age to replace us.

-Experiences, in addition to the competition.

- There was a very interesting initial conference of the historian of the city of Matanzas on the Main project of restoration of the Matanzas´ patrimony, in that the specialist abounded on elements of the history of the modern architecture, the design of the city and the tourism in this metropolis.

“The same way an activity developed to commemorate 20 years of the creation of a square located in the pedagogic head office of the University of Matanzas, devoted to the Puerto Rican martyr José Rafael Varona; as well as we covered part of the tourist complex of Varadero and the Caves of Bellamar”.

Among the first three positions concluded this House of High Studiesin5th National Festival of the ClassFélix Varela Morales, which demonstrated that the preparation of students and teachers is sufficient to compete in an event of so high category and demonstrated that the University of Camagüey possesses a youngand prepared quarry to exercise the teaching.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez