CAMAGÜEY.- The Provincial Company of Transport enlists a bus of two levels of Chinesemanufacture, Yutong brand, with the intention of integrating it to a project of local initiative to encourage the national and foreign tourism in this city.

“The panoramic car of two levels is not going to be employed at a predeterminedroute like the rest of the buses. It is conceived to connect the historical center of Camagüey with several recreational destinations like the Lake of the Dreams, the Botanical garden, the Orchid´s garden and the Exhibition site”, said to Adelante Digital the director of the Company, Mariano Fernández Castellano.

The manager pointedthat “the institutions and the population, in general, will be able to request the services of the vehicle through contracts, although still lacking for specifying the definitive value of the passages with the specialists of Finance and Prices, and specifying the points of its itinerary. The collection place, it is hope to be the Casino Campestre or the Park Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz”.

With a capacity of 64 seats, 54 of them placed in the second plant, the bus does not allow, for major safety, standing travelers, and its trajectory for the different attractions of the territory must range among the 12 to 13 km.

In communion with Young Club of Computing of the province, and like part of the project of local initiative, also it is prepared  a vehicle of minor dimensions - truck with hut and seats - to transport a Young mobile Club that will move up to the communities of the periphery.

After arriving at Camagüey, thanks to the negotiations of the Provincial Government, the bus was repaired in the Repair shop of Motorbikes Center and, later, the tests of its functioning began in the streets of the city.

With the collaboration of ETECSA and of the Electrical Company, the pertinent arrangements were made in the wiring and the necessary adjustments to the lights in the possible transit routes.

According to Fernández Castellano, the conceptual idea of the project can still be subject to changes and, only after reaching the planning of this local initiative, will be made official the system of work of the panoramic car.

While its services materialize like tourism vehicle, the bus of two levels serves as support to the urban transport in the routes 22, 32 and 24, for a value of a peso, and gives rent services, for the visit of recreational places, to the institutions of this city.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez