Photos: Otilio Rivero Delgado / AdelantePhotos: Otilio Rivero Delgado / AdelanteCAMAGÜEY.- To vote for the candidates of the people on next Sunday, it is the call of the Committees of Defense of the Revolution (CDR) that discuss - in every block the members of the most massive organization of Cuba.

“It is a document that will circulate until the next March 9, through which the CDR´s family receives basic knowledge on why and for whom we will vote, whose constitutional right conquered the Cuban people with the victory of the Revolution”, declared to Adelante, Iris Jiménez Valero, provincial coordinator of the CDR in Camagüey.

“We are going to vote, certainly, for the conquests of the Revolution, for the delegates and deputies that the people chose so that they represent us in the different Government instances.

“We are going to vote for the familiar safety and the civil calmness, that's why in every CDR´s act for the International Day of the Woman will be emphasized why we must express the vote for all to support the unity that the Commander in Chief Fideltaught us. He who was creator of this numerous organization, decisive in the mobilization of the neighbors so that they are present on Sunday at the electoral colleges early, despite the coincidence of the hourly change.

“We are sure of that the Committees of Defense of the Revolution in every district, popular advice, neighborhood, municipality … will operate in support the electoral commissions and authorities of the General Elections, not only in the update of the electoral registry and other insurances, but in the mobilization of its affiliates so that during the deputies' suffrages to the CubanParliament and delegates to our Provincial Assembly, the CDR´s members ratify - in the urns - once again, a yes for Cuba, for the Revolution and for Fidel”.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez