Photo: Otilio Rivero Delgado / AdelantePhoto: Otilio Rivero Delgado / AdelanteCAMAGÜEY. - Like base delegates, in the electoral colleges, in functions ofcollaborators, supervisors … the young people takes part in the General Elections in role of historical continuing generation of the Revolution.

-What role do they have to play next Sunday?

- The first duty of the young people today is to come to vote for the unity, for the Revolution, for Fidel, Raúl … to support the conquests and the constitutional rights that protect them preferentially since they are children and adolescents, in the middle of an imperialist blockade that is intensified, expressed Yoandry Ruiz Villalón, the first secretary of the Union of Communist Youth (UJC) in the Camagüey province.

“The UJC agglutinates and represents also the pioneers, guardians of the urns in the transparent political process of Cuba, where the democracy is not representative but participative. Also the students of the high schools, university, technological schools … are present in the current electoral process and they play an important role in the patriotic formation of our young people”, explained Ruiz Villalón.

In the suffrages of next Sunday, more than 22 000 young people arriving to their 16 years old, they will vote for the first time in the province and 132 young people acts as delegates of the Popular Power, after being chosen by the population in their residence places.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez