CAMAGÜEY.-  With the aim of encouraging the creation of projects of the initiative for local development, and thereby achieve a financial source to support the budget of the State, in the province of Camagüey does a working group directed by vice president for economic programs of the Council of the Provincial Administration.

Dany Garcia Miranda, director of Economy and Planning in the municipality of Nuevitas, and advisor to the item, reported that the group is composed of specialists from the Popular Bank of Savings and Credit and Trade; the ONAT; Labor and Social Security; the delegation of Science, Technology and Environment and of Finance and Prices, among others.

To date are five projects in the territory, including the circuit, belonging to the Santa Maria; the restaurant Rancho Luna and the cultural recreation center Casino, in the municipality of Camagüey, while in Nuevitas are Green and visions.

Everybody have shown feasibility from the economic point of view and have provided funds for the development of their projects and other social works such as the pier of dreams, in the case of the demarcation of the northern Camagüey.

Right now are valued more than 50 proposals among which are the creation of historical routes with the use of the panoramic bus that circulates in the city of Camagüey; mini-industries associated with agricultural production cooperatives and a young club of mobile computing.

The projects of local development initiative - which are stimulated in Camagüey- are intended to generate funds which are taxed directly to the municipal councils of the administration, which can use up to 30% for social programs that respond to approaches of the population.