CAMAGÜEY.- As an expression of participatory democracy that characterize general elections process that takes place in Cuba, candidates for representative at the Provincial and National Assemblies of People's Power by this municipality exchanged with voters in the capital of Camagüey.

 In the Production Unit of straws, candy and derivatives of the garina, the University of Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz and the university hospital Amalia Simoni, the nominees met this Monday on the endeavors and major commitments of these collective labor.

 During the tour, they learned of the experiences associated with the development of technological innovations in order to ensure the continuity of the productions, the commitment to train competent professionals and committed to the revolution and repair actions that run on important health services.

 In addition, it was time to discuss the Cuban political system and how it formed the candidacy, which establishes a balance between delegates, representatives of political and mass organizations, and citizens with a prominent role in the society.

 In the municipality of Camagüey, as in the rest of the country, develop these exchanges to facilitate the dialog between voters and the information intragastric to represent them in the provincial government and the Cuban Parliament, to be elected in the elections of the next 11 March, by direct and secret vote of the citizens with the right to vote.