CAMAGÜEY.- The peasants of the Credit and Services Cooperative (CCS, Spanish acronym) Evelio Rodríguez Curbelo, of Camagüey´s municipality of Jimaguayú, execute a wide program directed to contribute this year a million 800 thousand liters of milk to the industry, and to support the avant-garde condition inside the millionaire movement of the cattle in the country.

Isel Galindo Cruz, president of the rural entity, told that the conditions to reach this commitment are created. They possess about 300 wells to guarantee the water to the cattle, one works in the pastures cleanliness and they are provided with the personnel qualified for the artificial insemination with the target to develop a resistant and adaptable genetics to the current climatic conditions.

To endorse major food insurance to the herds they advance in the program of sowing of grasslands, forages and development of the arboreal plants with high protein values, with the cultural attention to these plantations by means of the re-sowing and the fertilization with organic matter, with a view to the drought stage.

In this unit, it is implemented with favorable results the project Environmental Bases for Local Food Sustainability (BASAL, Spanish acronym), to face the impacts of the climate change and to make the food production more sustainable.

The employment of better practices of milking, transport and the maintenance of the facilities to guarantee the cooling and storage of bovine milk helps to raise the production and quality of this valued food and its contribution to the Camagüey´s milk industry and to the population.

From 2012, the CCS Evelio Rodríguez Curbelo stands out among the millionaire units in the milk delivery to the industry in the Camagüey province and to support this category his associates open a group of actions directed to the training, better use of the technology, as well as the control and care of the herd.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez