CAMAGÜEY.- The Constitution of the People's Councils (CP) takes place in this province, where to date has not materialized that step of the current Cuban election process in 55 of the above-mentioned structures of government.

At public events with the participation of delegates from the circumscriptions of the voters who so wish, have been elected chairmen and vice chairmen of each of the referred to CP.

This is done through a vote by show of hands and are elected officials who receive the approval of the majority of the delegates, considering their own proposals or of the direction of the newly constituted municipal assemblies of People's Power.

The Congresswoman Isabel González Cárdenas, president of the government in the province, in a number of these meetings has insisted on the work of the Delegate and the leadership of the cp in the care and handling of the concerns of the people, and on their role in the monitoring and control to promote socio-economic development of the Territory.

González Cárdenas pointed as priorities in the current mandate period, the production of food in the communities and the promotion of local manufacturing of construction materials, in addition to the momentum of the sugar harvest.

According to article 104 of the Constitution of the Republic of Cuba, the popular councils are vested with the highest authority for the exercise of its functions and represent the demarcation where they operate.

As elsewhere in the country, this democratic exercise takes place on Camagüey´s land from last January 15, and most of the elected presidents are women; in addition, the meetings to select them in the presence of the population- have had the massive attendance of delegates of each locality.

The CP, with their presidents and vice-presidents to the front, are fundamental to the preservation of the gains of the Revolution and the momentum of the main economic lines. As the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, are the critical link in the direction of socialist state.

In the province of Camagüey is expected to be a hundred of these structures of the system of government.