CAMAGÜEY.- The prestigious Swiss orthopedic surgeon Eduard Buess-Watson headed the fourth one of five surgical interventions of complaints of the shoulder performed in the university hospital Manuel AscunceDomenech, of this city, by means of the employment of the novel technique of arthroscopy.

Preceded by a demonstrative academic meeting on this complex procedure, the operations are part of a training that for several years Cuban specialists receive in Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology promoted by the doctor Buess - Watson.

The operating theaters of the service of Surgery of minimal access of "Manuel AscunceDomenech" received the surgical act that benefited the 52-year-old Maria Victoria Nápoles Tan, resident in the Camagüey´smunicipality of Jimaguayú, bothered by an injury in the joint of the shoulder with collateral degenerative damages that were preventing her from having a normal life.

The surgery lasted about two hour and as part of it, small incisions were done in the shoulder of the patient, which allowed to the surgeons to visualize the joint in real-time - by means of a monitor - come up to the damaged tissues and carry the suture out with the required precision, proper surgical protocol of this type of surgery of minimal access.

According to the Dra. Lisset López Barrueco, specialist of the second grade in Anesthesiology, combined the blockade with general anesthesia of the affected area of the shoulder, to stabilize the patient, to diminish the bleeding and to avoid the intense pain in the first hours later to the surgical act.

The Cuban medical team that performed the operations was integrated by the doctors of Medical sciences Alejandro Álvarez López, of the service of Orthopedics of the above-mentioned welfare unit of Camagüey, and Osvaldo GarcíaMartínez, of the hospital Antonio LuacesIraola, of the neighbor Ciego de Ávila, in addition to the teacher Carlos Ortega González.

In addition, they were present Celeste Tejeda y Mailin Ventura, nurses of intensive care and circulatory, respectively, along with residents of Orthopedics of several hospitals of the territory.

At the moment of writing this information they are also in process of recovery the operated 46-year-old Reidel RomeroAyala, resident in Colombia, province of Las Tunas; in addition to Ania Guevara Basulto (44), and Wilfredo Quincoses Santana (53), the above mentioned of the city of Camagüey.

In dialogue with the press, the orthopedic surgeon Eduard Buess-Watson, who directs a clinic of his specialty in Switzerland, emphasized the advances of Cuba in the minimally invasive surgery and said to feel very satisfied for assuming these interventions with physicians of the hospital Manuel AscunceDomenech, an intuition of Health that, in his opinion, has the necessary potential to develop this field of the Medicine.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez