CAMAGÜEY.-The international airport Ignacio Agramonte, of this city, increased in 2017 the number of operations of entry and exit in approximately five per cent, with regard to the previous year, and via this installation 248 thousand 450 passengers, nationals and foreigners traveled.

This number represents 48 thousand 725 persons more that in 2016, while of 34 done international operations every week, 19 of them came from the United States, said Silvia Ferrer Veranes, chief of the airport unit.

Fundamentally, this increase happened after the incorporation of the regular flights of the airlines American Airlines and JetBlue Airways at the end of 2016, added.

The operations quantity in 2017 they increased also, when the winter period began on November 6 for the Canadian tourism, with the arrivals of the planes of the company Air Transat, which joined Sunwing Airlines, which works in an uninterrupted way the whole year.

For December 22, it turned the Neos Air, of Italy, with vacationers of this European country, which rejoined to the destination Camagüey, from Milan in 2016, after more than one decade without linkage between two cities.

In case of the domestic flights, six of them were kept every week, Ferrer Veranes specified.

At the ramp of the Camagüey’s station, there arrived more than five thousand airships, which received in the established time the services in ground, like the unloading and collision of the personnel, among others, for that reason at the end of 2017 the center finished with the clean itinerary in 99,66 per cent.

Other of the indicators that distinguishes Ignacio Agramonte as an airfield that develops its fundamental mission with quality, is in an average of 25 minutes in time of stay of the passengers at their arrival to the country, when according to the world norms of the aeronautics, 45 minutes must not excel themselves.

While, for the national travelers, it is always below the established average, which are 20 minutes.

In the terminal of international flights of the airport Ignacio Agramonte is foreseen in 2018 to offer major comfort for those who need of its services, since there will be improved the air conditioning of the lounges of waiting, fundamentally of those who are in the field of exit of the passengers.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez