CAMAGÜEY-. With a coverage to the entire area of the headmunicipality, and installed in the building of 26 plants near to the Square of the Revolution Mayor General Ignacio Agramonte y Loynaz, of this metropolis, already works in Camagüey a digital transmitter of high definition.

“It is still very quickly to do the measurement, therefore, some monitoring has been done with persons who live in different places of the city, and these affirm to receive well the sign”, he added to Adelante Digital, the engineer Justo Moreno García, general manager of the Company of Radio communications and Diffusion of Cuba (Radiocuba).  

In his dialogue with the press this Wednesday, Moreno García detailed that the ideal thing so that the population receives the service, there is the acquisition of a hybrid TV set (sold in Cuba) or of a box decoding HD connected to a TV set of flat screen.

If that same "box" was used joined a TV set CRT (of pipe of cathode beams: marks like Panda, Haier, etc.), it will be able the sign turns, but not in high definition, said the specialist.

The general manager of Radiocuba added that the persons who do not have HD“box”, but of standard sign, even if they possess a TV set of flat screen, cannot gain access to the service.

At present, Cuba is in a simultaneity stage. In Camagüey, now with the installation of the new transmitter HD, three signs coexist: the analogical one, the standard digitalis and that of high definition.

As thinks Moreno García, the expansion of the last one means a considerable jump in the timetable for the deployment of the terrestrial digital television in the country, “that is where we are going to finally, in congruity with the current technological development”.

Isaías Ramos Labrada, principal specialist of the center of direction of Radiocuba in the province, specified to the press that until now there exist in Camagüey´sterritory four transmitters of standard sign, located in the territories of Santa Cruz del Sur (coverage to this municipality), Camagüey (coverage to headmunicipality, Florida and Vertientes), Alto del Ají (coverage to Roman Key), and Nuevitas (coverage to this municipality and to Minas).

With regard to the enlargement of the scope of the HDtransmitter, Moreno García assured: "as the partial blackoutadvanced, there will remain free the transmitter of standard sign located in the Center of Television of Jayamá neighborhood (headprovincial), and then we will use that one - of major potency and coverage - to express in high definition”.

The sign of high definition - summed up the Radiocuba manager - “opens the possibilities to the population: new sign, new channels, more quality”.

Of more than 100 transmitters functioning in Cuba, only 10 send this sign, in accordance with the information offered by Hugo Andrés Fernández, engineer of the Managerial Group of the Computer science and the Communications, in 5to Forum of Digital Television, celebrated in Havana to beginnings of November.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez