CAMAGÜEY. - Liliana Souto Amador and Elizabeth Sosa del Valle share in life much more than theirhometown that fills themwith pride, the genre and the vocation. These two women who for three decades and a half deliver every day their breath to Camagüey´s education now keep like one of their biggest treasures having been creditors of the medal Orden Frank País García of the second grade.

Liliana Souto Amador .Photos: Rodolfo Blanco Cué (ACN)Liliana Souto Amador .Photos: Rodolfo Blanco Cué (ACN)Liliana, teacher of History of Cuba, who has marked the life of many generations of students of the Vocational Pre-university Institute of Exact Sciences Máximo Gómez Báez, of Camagüey, confessed to Adelante that this recognition has a special transcendence for her.

“It means something truly grand, first of all as History teacher I have always admired the figure of Frank País García, a young revolutionary who delivered everything to the struggle, who was alsoa teacher, and in second place because in these moments I am not working, I am sick. It thrills to me that my trajectory was not obviated although I am unable to practice, and that my partners assumed the culmination of my records to go for the medal. This encourages me to keep on fighting for the life, to contribute to the Revolution because one is always a teacher, inside and outside the classroom”.

Long ago,Elizabeth stopped teaching in the classroom to do it from the works of management, which today she redeems like chief of the department of BasicSecondary of the Provincial Direction of Education. Chachi, as everybody knows her affectionately, visibly thrilled, shared her impressions.

Elizabeth Sosa del Valle Elizabeth Sosa del Valle  “I have received several awards, but this one is very important for me, since it is the result of many years of delivery to the sector. It has been a year of hard work, but the Basic Secondary school has had good results. We are located in the first places of the country, although this education is very difficult. Of all the processes that I have directed, this one it is the most complex.

“To assume for many years management responsibilities has been of much sacrifice. Against the will of one sometimes the family is left aside, but I have the satisfaction of being able to have taken two things and feel proud of that todaymy son is alsoa professional”.

For Liliana and Elizabeth, this December 22, Day of the Educator, it will be without doubts an unforgettable date, because on eves of this day the right side of their breast remained recorded with Frank's face and with the three-colored combination that escorts him in the medal.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez