CAMAGÜEY.- With the actions by the 176 anniversary of his birth will begin the next day 23, in this city, the day commemorating the 145 years of the Fall in Combat of the Major General Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz.

Stands out among the actions provided for filming in Camagüey of the film, which will recreate the life of the "diamond with the soul of a Kiss" as defined by the National Hero-, and enhance its paradigmatic love with Amalia Simoni, interrupted, but never decreased, by Cuban struggles for independence.

The production of the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry will have the direction of the filmmaker Rigoberto López, accompanied on the script for the National Theater Award Eugenio Hernández Espinosa.

The character of Ignacio will be interpreted by the young actor Daniel Romero, who embody the Martí teenager in the José Martí tape: The eye of the canary islands, while the soundtrack will be in charge of Silvio Rodriguez and Sergio Vitier.

Among the locations for the filming is the Birthplace of Agramonte and the House Fifth Simoni, both with the category of National Monument. In addition, it was filmed in farms are appropriate to the characteristics of that time.

In the film, which will start shooting from February 1st of next year, will also appear scenarios such as the Agramonte park, old town square of weapons of the former Port-au-Prince; the Lyceum of then, today Provincial Library Julio Antonio Mella; and the plazuela de Bedoya.

In a press conference, José Rodríguez, director of the Office of the Historian of the City of Camagüey, praised the preparation and understanding of the implementation team, which will allow a greater attachment to the historical reality and contribute to raising the quality of the final result.

At the end of the film will be joined by other actions that will extend throughout 2018, as the national event for the 145 Anniversary of the Fall in Combat of Agramonte, the 11 of May of the coming calendar, and the inauguration of a memorial to which it will be installed the model of the combat of the Potrero de jimaguayú, the last of the current Mayor, in the municipality of Vertientes, south of the provincial capital.