CAMAGÜEY.- To comply with the current planting season of cold, this province has the technological packages and the logistics base that can contribute to raising the efficiency of agriculture.

Guillermo Rodríguez Llopis, sub-delegation of several crops in the territory, he said that exceed three thousand 300 hectares of vegetables, vegetables, grains and meats, is the challenge of the Camagüey´s farmers.

He added that the planting of short-cycle crops progresses, with the planting of more than 20 hectares of tomato in the community of Camalote, municipality of Nuevitas, and also works in organoponics, intensive orchards and cooperatives to ensure vegetables with a view to the festivities of the end of the year.

The enlistment of the land, the availability of the necessary machinery, seeds, chemicals and natural fertilizers, are part of the technology to ensure high yields productive and achieve superior results with a better soil preparation.

Planting in the current season of cold in the province are looking for the revival of the agricultural sector in the wake of Hurricane Irma and applies strategies based on science and technology, in order to make progress in each of the subprograms and raise the production of food for the family in Camagüey.