CAMAGÜEY.- The members of the National Association for Innovation and Rationalization (ANIR), in this province, display a work to solve the major problems that militate against the production and delivery of services.

Remberto Santana Perdomo, president of the Provincial Bureau of the ANIR in the territory, explained that the human and professional qualities of the members of that organization constitute a fortress, with which the country to overcome the adverse conditions imposed by the blockade against our people.

A major role in the work of innovation and rationalization have entities such as the thermo October 10 and the cement factory July 26, both in the commune of Nuevitas; the Railway Workshops, Construction Companies and number one and two, as well as the mechanical solutions, all in the Camagüey´s capital.

Santana Perdomo stressed that this movement is nourished by the initiatives of the workers in the constant search for solutions, especially in the absence of parts and components that must be acquired at high prices in the international market, and their work entails a high sense of belonging and decision to overcome the difficulties.