CAMAGÜEY.- From December 11 it will initiate the commercialization of the service Nauta Hogar in some areas of the municipality of Camagüey, like part of the actions of the Company of Telecommunications of Cuba S.A. (Etecsa) to bring Internet to the houses.

The first beneficiaries will be those who reside in the neighborhood La Vigía (area delimited to the north in the Miguel Ángel Núñez Street; on the south, Tomás Betancourt; to the east, Teniente Cañaón, and on the west, Avenue of the Martyrs). Julio Antonio Mella (area between Central Highway East, Avenue. Monaco South and Avenue. Monaco West), and Latin America (Boves) (limits: to the north, Extension of Francisquito; street Santayana and stretch of street San Jose; on the south, Santa Rita; to the east, San Ramón; on the west, Avenue. Amalia Simoni).

The potential clients will be contacted by telephone to coordinate the appointment being specified the day, hour and place of the same one. Etecsa will guarantee them the sale of a modem ADSL and the accessories so that they install the service in their telephone line.

For the use of the service, the user will have to have an available computer (PC or laptop) and one gains access across a nauta account (with domain In case of not having one, Etecsa will enable it free.

The tariffs, in CUC for 30 hours, depend on the speed (kbps): 1024/256 (15.00); 2048/256 (30.00); 3072/512 (50.00), and 4096/512 (70.00).

The informative note sent to the press clarifies that if the client hires the speed of 1024/256 Kbps it will be able to get connected free the first month, since the company will offer him a bonus of $ 15.00 CUC. Those who buy top speeds will be benefited by the same total and they will have only to pay the difference depending on the chosen speed. The interested parties in obtaining more information will be able to call to the number of assistance to the service Nauta Hogar: 0 800 43434.