CAMAGÜEY.- 51-year-old age Carlos Peón Casas, was the first Camagüey’s citizen to receive a transplant of genetically related kidney in the university hospital Manuel Ascunce Domenech, of this city, of his 23-year-old son Francisco Javier.

The surgical acts of extraction and of implant, performed in contiguous operating theaters, both with a duration of about three hours, by the doctors Roberto Cruz Mayo, urologist and chief of service of transplant of the hospital Lucía Íñiguez, of Holguín; Abel Ruiz de Villa Suárez, chief of the service of transplant of the eastern region of the country; and Ramón Estopiñán Cánovas, the last two surgeons of the Camagüey´s institution; and Aurelio Monterrosa, Colombian resident, they ended successfully, and even, in the operative table there was still observed the immediate diuresis (secretion of urine).

In the course of the extraction of the organ and before receiving the epidural anesthesia, Carlos said that six months ago he began with a chronic renal insufficiency, which it led him to use hemodialysis three times per week like treatment method.

The benefits of this type of transplant, on having compared with that of donor corpse, take root in that this organ just extracted suffers less, the surgical intervention is planned for the best moment of the recipient and the donor, since it does not have urgent character, and the survival is major.

The doctors Arián Benavides, Pedro Julio Hernández and Gabriel García Molina, were the specialists in anesthesiology and revival in charge, who were accompanied by the Bachelors Oscar Cárdenas, Cristian Figueroa y Doralis Mendoza, indiscriminately, according to the surgical act.

As a dream becomes true, qualified the doctor Ruiz de Villa the achieved of this occasion, as a result of a work in team, because it is needed very much support and cooperation, opinion repeated by the doctor Estopiñán Cánovas, to what he added that the secret of the success takes root there.

From 1978 until the date in this hospital, 553 renal transplants have been carried out with the last one. The previous ones by means of organs proceeding from donor corpse.