CAMAGÜEY. - In the middle of the most infinite nation´s pain there was no time for the rest. Fidel was putting us once again to test, from the immense happiness for his 90 birthday; we went to the deepest feeling of orphanage towards his absence.

The journalists wrote the headlines, which they never wanted in their sheets of paper, the chronicles, or even the tears that never sprouted before with so much facility.

Our photographers had no rest, nor asked for it, the body was demanding to be, there where the photo of the century was, the people and the love in its smoothest meaning.

The peasants did not hide the seas that were furrowing the eyes; the children were tattooing in their skin the grades that more light had spilled on them, the military men were quickening their pace to press this way the sorrow.

In the memory, we can keep some of those moments; but here they are, once again Leo, Durán, Otilio, this time along with Rodo, Félix, Lisyen and Atiénzar to give us their memories, the most beautiful loyalty chronicles.

Twenty-five sworn moments of gratitude and commitment across the Camagüey of Fidel. Twenty-five of many, of hundreds that in those fateful days were spread for this flatness; twenty-five of many, because almost one year later, they keep on capturing images, keep on giving us the chronicles of the continuity, of the survived one.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez