CAMAGÜEY.- A considerable increase of cases of the syndrome known as hand-foot-mouth, is reported in the country and specifically in Camagüey, according to specialists at the Center for Health Education in this province.

Qualified as a common viral disease, common and contagious disease, mainly affects children, and is caused by an enter-virus Coxsackie called.

It often occurs with a fever, and injury type ulcers in the mouth, hands and feet, hence its common name. It is transmitted by the respiratory route and by direct contact with the oropharyngeal secretions and feces of infected people.

It is valid to clarify that there is no vaccine to prevent the disease; treatment for the cure focuses on hygienic-sanitary measures, such as washing hands when handling feces and contaminated items.

In addition, it is recommended to avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands, as well as the close contact, kissing and hugging, or sharing drinking glasses or eating utensils with people who have the condition.

The syndrome hand-foot-mouth has an incubation period of between four and six days, and its duration is one week to 10 days.

It is in this way that the Provincial Center for Health Education in Camagüey, called hygienic measures in children under five years of age, the main victims of the disease, and to go to the doctor before the appearance of some of the symptoms.