CAMAGÜEY. - The effectiveness of the implementation of the Natural Traditional Medicine (MNT) in the different areas of public health, outlined in the 1st International Symposium on the medical specialty that is conducted in Cuba, and that will be held until tomorrow in this city.

Johann Perdomo Delgado, head of the National Group of MNT on the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP), told the ACN that this branch has a comprehensive progress in the cultivation of medicinal plants, in the production of drugs at the local level in the provinces, and in the development of other drugs in the pharmaceutical industry.

 He added that the development of the MNT is governed by the guidelines of the Cuban economic and social policy and the process of the transformations required in the sector, so it is also working on a better implementation for the care of patients and in the areas of teaching and research.

 From 2013 to the present, there are about 144 lines of development of natural drugs, which are part of the basic drugs in the country, and in the coming year will grow in nine other, belonging to the local production of the provincial pharmacy companies.

 The manufacture of herbal medicine and bee-derivate drugs, the latter obtained from honey and propolis, and other medications, such as the homeopathic medicines, currently in each territory, for marketing in the network of community pharmacies.

Camagüey is one of the provinces-bearers in the evolution of the MNT, because since 1999 next to the Western Cape home the training of specialists, and in these times has an active chapter for research on this discipline, said Perdomo.

The results of this work have not materialized in an event such as the First International Symposium, which allows the exchange of Cuban and foreign professionals, the official added.

 The Natural Traditional Medicine brings together 10 regulated nationally, within which also include acupuncture, the floral therapy and ozone therapy, among others, and the applied in Cuba, more than 200 specialists trained in 10 provinces.

Today, the Tronch therapist Jose Perez, guest of the Association for the Promotion of Manual Lymphatic Drainage of Spain, he taught a course inter-congress on this technique, and exposed the presentations of the Cuban specialists.