SANTA LUCIA, CAMAGUEY.- As a response to the severe damages caused by hurricane Irma to the Camagüey’s north housing fund, the Council of Defense 0-1 Santa Lucia, there are two points of sale of construction materials to victims.

 Yenni Lion Mayedo, president of the organ of state power and political, said that due to the high demand, the level of damage and the availability of resources, these have been received in the Territory gradually, and have been delivered with priority for those most in need.

 The points are located in the community of Las Palmas and Tararaco Lucia, better known as "the 80"; the latter, with the largest number of damage to houses, mainly on the roofs, windows and doors.

 The materials may be purchased once approved the legalization of damage and form of payment, which are drafted in the offices of procedures located in the Popular Council 0-1 Santa Lucia and where specialists of Housing, Physical Planning, Social Security, Trade and banking, for greater agility.

 By the way, Marlene Ramos Tellez, would work for trade that works in the office of the community of Tararaco, meant the excellent communication with survivors, who provides all the necessary information in this process, to eliminate barriers that cause additional discomfort to the brunt of hurricane.

In that regard, Yoseida Mayedo Roselló, neighbor and worker Camping Las Palmas, who suffered damage in your home, expressed its satisfaction with the attention and the hard work of staff working in the Office of procedures, such as at the point of sale of materials, and thanked the revolution does not leave helpless to anyone.