CAMAGÜEY. - The nature and the historical coincidences wanted that in 50 Anniversary of the University of Camagüey Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz, this center demonstrate, now before the disasters caused by the hurricane Irma, the human fortitude and the example of solidarity that its teachers and students represent for the society.

Sample of it is that a brigade of 50 colleges, formed by workpeople and pupils of this institution, offers their support in the works of reconstruction of houses that takes place in Puerto Piloto (Pilot Port), located in the municipality of Sierra de Cubitas.

“The entourage will rotate its members each week and will receive more labor every Saturday; while the movement of amateur artists and the different community projects of the Camagüey´s university, they will make the hearts of the inhabitants happy, as they have done it with the neighbors of other regions”, made sure Yosvany García Núñez, General Secretary of the Trade union Bureau in the UC.

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In addition to taking part in the recovery of establishments like “Los Coquitos” in the city of Camagüey, the University came last two Sundays to the popular councils of La Gloria and Palm City, two communities that saw destroyed big parrt of their housing fund and that with the contest also of their neighbors, the Communist Party of Cuba, the Government and other institutions began to change its image.

“Proud we are of our boys and the teaching staff because they have given a very favorable answer, propitiating with the art and their professional skills that there is still raised the motivation of the settlers of the north area for recovering the destroyed structures”, said rector Santiago Lajes Choy.

Both towns enjoyed the artistic brigade, which includes in its spectacle varied numbers of magic and telepathy, the presentation of monologues and of musical duos; also there joined some local talents that made laugh, dance, and especially, raise the fortitude of who still lack thousands of drops of perspiration for spilling.

Other big attractions, especially for the children, constituted the sports games guided by the teachers of the faculty of Physical Culture; as well as the Veterinarian's pupils vaccinated the pets and breeding animals, and those of Electrical engineering repaired the domestic appliances and some damaged large windows.

In addition, the institution offered food, touched with the heart the doors of the sick and disabled inhabitants to be interested by their state of health and to give them lunch rations; and they moved eatables to the neighbors who were in more intricate areas, raising houses or unloading materials in the sales point.

Before the step of the meteorological event, the University of Camagüey had already an impact with its humanism and professionalism to the complex communities of the territory, now when the work is double also the happiness is double of feeling that with its Alma mater, it returns hope and life.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez