CAMAGÜEY .- Executives of the Camagüey´s affiliate of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) take preservation measures for the sustainable management of land and promote the planting of short-cycle crops, with the aim of mitigating the negative effects of hurricane Irma in this province.

Among the most affected crops in the Camagüey´s 13 municipalities are maize, plantain and banana in more than 10 production centers in the territories of Nuevitas, Sierra de Cubitas, Esmeralda, Minas and Vertientes, where they have enabled work brigades for the recovery of those areas.

It is also agro-technical perform, pruning and fertilization to regain plantations of fruit trees damaged by the meteorological phenomenon, with an emphasis on those dedicated to the cultivation of papaya, guava, orange, grapefruit and mango, in order to retrieve them and support the production of mini- industries in their respective localities.

Elizabeth Arias Morell, an official of the ANAP in the province, explained that in order to achieve a sustainable agriculture and to revive the plantations, increase the plantation of sweet potato, pumpkin, cassava and other varieties, and preserved the seed of vegetables, to support the state sector and farmers with the support of science and technology.

To retrieve the agro-technologic system and reverse the processes of degradation and compaction of the soil, will run a program of planting of timber, and fruit trees for the creation of windbreaks in several cooperatives and mitigate the effects of hurricanes on agriculture.

In the northern territory each brigades of farmers associated with the ANAP streamline the court of felled timber by the meteor and palm tables are rescued battered by the winds, to complete more than one thousand basic cells habitable for victims of the affected rural settlements and clear the devastating effect of Irma in its passage through the province of Camagüey.