CAMAGÜEY.-  (PL) Normalization of meteorological conditions after Hurricane Irma allows  JetBLue, American Airlines and Ister Airways to resume their routes to the airport Ignacio Agramonte at the center-eastern city in Camaguey.

American airlines that came back to operate in Cuba after the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between both countries, resumed their flights from the state of Florida towards Camaguey, previous the beginning of the high season of tourism in Cuba.

In the case of JetBlue, with operating capacity for 600 passengers, and that flies towards this destination since last year, has perspectives of improving the quality of services, ease the entry to Cuban territory because nowadays JetBlue has disruptions to access Villa Clara.

'The acceptance of the majority of clients with this airline is shown in different surveys; besides good relations among Cuban and American professionals guarantee the quality of services,' stated Silvia Ferrer, the responsible for Airport Unity in Camaguey´s terminal.

After five years of charter flights service in several destinations in the country, JetBlue became the second airline to provide its clients daily travels to Camaguey, after American Airlines open the opportunity in September, 2016.

Currently, Cuba is one of the most popular destinations for companies interested in opening commercial service with the objective to reach a better position and competitiveness.