CAMAGÜEY. - From Sunday evening,it began for the Camagüey´s citizens the most important stage of the last intense days. The evaluation of the damages is only the first moment. On this matter, Jorge Luis Tapia Fonseca, president of the Council of Provincial Defense conversed with Adelante Digital: "We have to be grateful for the organization and the discipline of the people. The same one that has to be activated from the conscious participation, in the block, in the quarter, in the labor center to return the towns and cities the beauty that has characterized them. It is necessary to work in the collection of the obstacles of the routes, and of the garbage this way to prevent at all costs from putting in risk the health.

“Those who have had affectations we ask them to cooperate along with his neighbors to focus in looking for solutions with different alternatives. Almost the whole country received Irma's dashing, therefore we cannot do everything what we want at the same time; it is necessary to go looking for temporary facility, creating minimal conditions for the population and to answer gradually to the difficulties. We can achieve this alone with the participation of the people, along with the political, administrative team and of the massorganizations, in the solution of the problems that we face today, from the quarters, block to block.

“The most important thing now is to work and to work, with great discipline and optimism. This will be the proof that it can be done, and of that in the difficult moments, the Camagüey´s inhabitants can,  that we can be on a par what our people needs and deserves. What we do will be the biggest support sample to the direction of the Revolution and to the Government”.

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