CAMAGÜEY. - Little time has given to the fragments of trees and other debris that in piles are found along this city, in full recovery of the bearing of the hurricane Irma, although the biggest sleeplessness remains provoked by the absence of the electrical fluid.

The team of initiated the journey through the principal green heart of the metropolis, as it is also known as the Casino Campestre, where there work men of the Provincial Company of Communal Services.

“Irma knocked down many trees, nevertheless it affected few lights. From Saturday in the evening, we are here to rehabilitate and to give life to the biggest urban park of Cuba”, said Osvaldo Montero, chief of the Special Area Casino.



“The problem of the absence of current in the municipality of Camagüey belongs to generation. The thermoelectric plant of Nuevitas began generating but it is necessary to go on scale”, explained Erasmo López, the technician of operations of the OBE.

This Camagüey´s cittizen was in the North Beltway before the last one of four broken posts in the circuit 2980 of 3 KV, which feeds the Factory of Beers Tínima, the Water-treatment plant, the Factory of Ice creams Coppelia and the Municipal OBE.

“Yesterday at six o'clock in the afternoon this circuit must be ready”, made sure Erasmo López, who has remained 48 years in this company.

Next to him, Granma´s Carlos Gustavo Fernández Romagoza, chief of the Brigade in Warm of Bayamo, told that “although there are no many affectations, the work has been important because some posts are in muddy areas where the cars do not reach”.

Fernández Romagoza use the occasion to congratulate his boys because of the fortitude and to send the message to their relatives that they all are well, although they do not have date of return: "We can only extract a 16 kilometers line, where it is necessary to do 150 posts”.

He refers to the line for the pumping from the reservoir of Pontezuela, of approximately 60 years of exploitment and almost lost in the middle of the mount, something that will solve a problem of incidence in the last years in the territory.



For the importance of the vitality of the telecommunications, the ETECSA workpeople do not rest either these days, hence the performance of the interruption of cables workers Francisco Guerra Carmouze, Rubén Esquivel Borrero and Lesli Ayola Rodríguez.

In the Avenue Finlay there were goad on the bags of nylon that were containing water volumes "gathered" by Irma's torrential rains.

“There are two cables in this district that mean 400 discontinuous pairs. We will not rest up to being able to restore them”, confirmed Guerra Carmouze.



In Garrido, the brigade 4 of the Company of Construction and Assembly Nro1 Camagüey was working, led by Tamara Roselló Rodríguez, that yesterday returned the service to the principal route from the International Airport Ignacio Agramonte up to the neighborhood Lenin.

“We are used to work until high hours of the night and the dawn. Today we are opening the principal ways of access to the military hospital, then to go to the streets, with priority behind the Stadium, interprovincial Workshops of Locomotives and the Terminal of Bus”, she concluded.



At the neighborhood Previsora, work brigades of the Forest Company that, according to Amaury Benítez, are in charge of recovering all the possible wood, especially the precious one, object of acts of vandalism.

While a heavy team was locating big pieces of Honduran mahogany on a career, a neighbor of the building 33-2 went out to the step for us, to share his history while indicating the Honduran mahogany made pieces.

“I sowed this tree in the ´69”, made sure 73-year-old age Luis Copello Gilarte, and continued with the history: "Then, I was chief of the camp of the Juvenile Column of the Centenary. I brought the plant of the nursery that was near the Ballet of Camagüey. Nobody knows for whom works”.



In the direction of other areas of the city, we come to the neighborhood Julio Antonio Mella, where we saw the inhabitant Jorge Arias Morales with an axe trying stubbornly to finish the torture of one of the most handy medicinal plants of Montecarlo.

“This was a West Indian locust-tree, which we all used for remedies. I came to help my neighbor. The cyclone affected some tiles of my house, but I already solved it because I always have a reservation”, and he continued with the task, to the fund of the local organic plantation.

Close to there, other neighbors called us alarmed, for the salvadera that supports on a stairs step the building 40, and that paradoxically to its common name, tears the dream in the last years.

“We bring it 15 days before Irma. We already cut what we could but we have not the hardware adapted to continue, and there runs the risk that it falls down on the turbine or should affect more the apartment”, told Juan Alberto Hernández, inhabitant of the first apartment.



In the proper neighborhood Julio Antonio Mella, we locate to the detachment of the Center of Provincial Instruction of the Ministry of the Interior, made responsible with the cleanliness of the educational centers of the district.

“We are 40 men that we already prepared two infantile circles before getting to the Attached School Enrique José Varona ”, affirmed captain Urbano Mena Rubio, with the safety of ending soon there.

In the "Anexa " 783 children study the primary level of this neighborhood, and other communities like Jayamá, Salomé and Santayana.

“On Tuesday we must initiate with a class meeting. The teachers already organized the classrooms. Our biggest affectation was a large window and broken tubes that we hope to solve”, emphasized Eduardo Ruiz Pérez, teaching secretary.

 Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez