CAMAGÜEY.- (RHC-Granma)- During an extensive tour of farming and ranching areas in this province, José Ramón Machado Ventura, Second Party Secretary and Vice President of the Councils of State and Ministers, confirmed that new ways of thinking and working are gaining ground among cattle ranchers here, leading to much-needed diversification and an increase in the delivery of foodstuffs to local markets.

Accompanied by Jorge Luis Tapia Fonseca and Isabel González Cárdenas, leaders of the Party and People's Power in Camagüey, respectively, Machado confirmed that work is progressing on rehabilitation of infrastructure that will ensure veterinary attention to livestock in the municipalities of Guáimaro, Sibanicú and Jimaguayú.

The program includes the reopening of dairies, centers for the development of heifers, and pastures for the fattening of animals, which should lead to improved reproduction and better genetic quality of cattle, meaning more meat and milk for the people.

Machado Ventura commented here that everyone has the right to benefit economically from their efforts - the individual worker, the cooperative, the state enterprise - but that everyone must keep the nation's interests foremost in mind, since the state has allocated significant resources to support an increase in agricultural production.

"That is why," he said, "directors, workers, and farmers must know how much every piece of equipment the state puts at their disposal costs; in what time period an investment must be repaid; how to take maximum advantage of a piece of land or resource; and how the main indicators of efficiency are performing. This is administration, definitely."