CAMAGÜEY.- With 20 consecutive years as a collective National Vanguard, the Industrial Gases Business Unit of Camagüey, fulfilled at the end of the first half of this year, the delivery of more than half a million cubic meters of oxygen for industrial and medicinal use.

The availability of the chemical component ensures the vitality of manufacturing processes that require welding and cutting metals, while maintaining the vitality of the health service for cases of suffocation or respiratory arrest, which makes life possible.

Enrique Castillo Rivera, director of the entity, told the Cuban News Agency that the plant gasified and bottled oxygen produced in Havana, for distribution in Camagüey.

In the same way, the unit is responsible for the production of nitrogen in liquid and gas state. The first one is used to preserve the genetic material with the end of the artificial insemination in livestock, and the second by its status as a coolant is used to remove the existing moisture in the lines of the industries, informed the board of directors.

The acetylene and argon are also other assortments of the entity, the latter widely used in large quantities for the filling of incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps, as well as in the technique of arc welding, to avoid oxidation by providing a layer of inert gas in the region where the assembly process.

Because of the risk that represents these productions for the health and safety of workers, there is a doctor within the installation itself which, in addition to providing service to the community, checks permanently those who are linked directly to the industrial processes, said Marlene Vázquez de la Fe, Legal Affairs Specialist of the center.

The stability of the human capital is a stronghold of this Camagüey´s entity, with a staff of 160 employees and an average age of 47 years.

A remarkable sense of belonging expressed to this agency Lázaro Mezquida Otero, operator of the maintenance workshop and oxygen and acetylene valves, the only one of its kind in the country, to express the importance of his work in the manufacture of accessories such as pins, nuts, presses and seats, to extend the life of existing equipment imported from China.

A graduate of the Polytechnic Institute Cándido González, of Camagüey, the mechanic of 39 years old began his working life a little more than two decades, under the tutelage of Juan Carlos Sanz Parra, today head of workshop with a experience of almost 50 years and who attaches great importance to the adequate vocational training for the technicians.

At the end of July, the Industrial Gases Business Unit of Camagüey exceeded its sales plan to more than three million pesos and its productions to more than a million, indicators that place it among the dropouts of the country in its work.