CAMAGUEY.- The electrification of the rural area, with the installation of solar panels, benefiting more than 400 families in communities intricate in this province, the most extensive and level of Cuba.

Juan Carlos Lacaba Jofre, specialist in renewable energy in the electricity company of Camagüey, pointed out that the new technology can deliver up to 250 watts to each property, has also contributed to the electrification of remote farms dedicated to agricultural and livestock work in 11 municipalities.

Explained the expert that it is housing which electricity had not been able to go, because of its location.

The new service, subsidized by the Cuban State, allows you to connect up to five Led lamps, a TV or other equipment not exceeding the generation capacity of the panel, which is composed of two batteries that hold their charge for 14 hours.

They also highlight in the province three photovoltaic synchronized to the Electric-energetic national system, housed in Guáimaro - with installed capacity of 1.6 megawatts (MW)-, the capital province (of 1.2 MW) and Imías, Sierra de Cubitas, with a capacity 2.2 MW in the peak solar generation.

In Camagüey of photovoltaic systems installation gives continuity to the implementation of economic and Social policy guidelines adopted at the 6th and 7th congresses of the Communist Party of Cuba, in correspondence with the Socialist project Cuban.

The referral program aims to improve the quality of life of the rural population and promoting the economic development of strategic areas.