HAVANA.- The executive secretary of the Association of Bar attendants of Cuba (ACC), Lizbeth Elías Muñoz, informed today that 250 professionals confirmed his assistance to 22nd Pan-American Competition of Cocktail Bar IBA 2018, of Havana.

An official bulletin of the ACC added this Wednesday that the appointment is foreseen from August 25 until August 31 in the Hotel Free Havana Tryp, to which there will come representatives of Brazil, Mexico, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Cuba, between other nations.

The above mentioned information corroborates that Havana and the ACC are ready for the achievement of this important competition of bar attendants or bartenders.

The executive said that they will help the president of International Bartenders Association (IBA)), Pepi Dioni, and the vice-president of this entity for South America, Adrián Juárez.

In this assistance payroll also it included the vice-president of IT WAS GOING for America, Derrick Lee, and the treasurer José Ancona.

The program of the appointment comprises six competitions like The Presidents' Cup, and the Pan-American one that splits into classic styles and flair or free. Also sesionarán the Cup Friendship (classic and free) and Bartenders Challenger (classic only).

As for the Presidents' Cup there will compete for Cuba the president of the ACC, José Rafa Malém.

Regarding Bartenders Challenger (challenge), the competitors will select in a big drum of between 16 cocktails of IT WAS GOING to make five of them in the moment properly to compete.

Sum as innovation this test serving a beer and lighting a Havana cigar.

They will sponsor this competition the signatures Havana Club International S.A., Cuba Rum, Company MG, Finest Call (Puerto Rico), Campari, and Narrowness, between others.

Delegates of these companies will give lectures (teaching method) to the participants, added Muñoz.

For Cuba, also, they will compete in the Pan-American Cup, Yasiel Campos of the spa of Dry dock (outstanding figure) and in freestyle the bar attendant Ernesto Luis Pérez, of the province of Artemis.

The Cuban payroll is completed by Vladimir Márquez and Adrian Ravelo (Havana), and Yunier Fernández (Varadero) in the classic style, and in the flair there will be Robert Acuña (Camagüey) and Oliek Cintado (Ciénaga de Zapata, Matanzas).

In Bartenders Challenger there compete in outstanding figure the three who are present at the Cup Friendship, added the Cuban bar attendants Mario Luis Acosta (Havana) and Arledys Cabrera (Santa Maria Key, Villa Clara).

This Pan-American competition includes other collateral meetings in the National Hotel and in the Red Lounge of the Hotel Capri like Teachers' meeting roneros, tastings, tastings and special dinners.

Other sponsors Oro and Platinum, will be the Spanish group Freixenet, the Cuban Coralsa and The Stay. Also it will happen a meeting of the managers of WAS GOING, and Parade of the Flags.