CAMAGÜEY.- Isabel Rojas Torrella is a pupil of fifth year of Computer Engineering of the University of Camagüey Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz, a young woman who, from the science of the programming, stands out for her collaborations to institutions of the province of Camagüey and who in her graduation will get a special recognition for the Union of Computer programmers of Cuba.

From the first year, the girl was interested for contributing to a major development of the systems of management of information and now with entire patience, warm, slow and tremulous voice, perhaps for the nerves of the interview; she answered some questions to study in depth her contributions.

- When does the idea of taking part in these projects arise?

- Along my career, I was interfering in projects needed in some institutions and straight in health, to share my knowledge and expectations, and this way through my studies to help the one who needs of my services. That's why I took charge and set of my efforts for the achievement of some plans.

“From there, the idea of collaborating with the Maternal Hospital Ann Betancourt of Mulberry of Camagüey with the project AUDIRE arises, especially in the management of information of audiology of the part of neonates or newborn babies. This process is carried out in our days manually and the objective is to automate the system of addition of information, to help with the prosecution of the same ones and to look for the improvement of the conditions of the client for which one works.

“After the discussion on July 10 of the project, according to the success that AUDIRE has it will be implemented in the system of public health for a major development and of the province and of the country”.

- What do you feel when knowing that your work, after so much sacrifice, today you see the fruit?

- Very well, it is an immense satisfaction that my project is recognized and used for the collaboration of an institution and also to contribute to the process improving so appellants and important processes for the health, it fills me with joy.

- Are you working in any other project?

- There is also that of Neurodevelopment that consist of grouping the information or information management in the field of the neurodevelopment and evolution of the newborn babies.

- Plans for the future after graduation

- They have offered to stay in the University of Camagüey, I have thought it and it is possible that I accept. From this place, I also will be able to exercise what I like and teach everything that I´ve learned in this magnificent place, it would be a dream.

- What satisfaction did this stage of your life bring?

- Of these years I take a pleasant experience because with all my works I have grown, increased my knowledge so when you face a challenge like this one you have to put the double of interest and attention if you want that it work. In addition, a computer engineer must be capable of facilitating and of automating processes that perhaps manually need a lot of more time and rigor what does not imply that the digital needs precision, but perhaps you do it in less time.

  • Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez.