GUAIMARO, CAMAGUEY.- There were a lot of things in common that Sunday among the guajiros(field workers) in Las Colinas, in Guaimaro: palm-leave hats, checkered and non-checkered shirts, denim jeans, vocation and attitude, which can be seen although is not wearable.

Alexei Hernandez Fillor was not the exception. We were astonished of finding out that this 32-year-old-young man is the municipality’s agriculture representative since 2015, one of the most important territories in the country’s livestock. He is the youngest delegate of Cuba at the moment.

“Are you a farmer?”, was the breaking ice question of the pleasant conversation.

Alexei ensures that he will continue providing the country from the field and his management, because that is what his parents taught him. He also confessed that the secret of transforming the province agriculture and livestock is doing the best in the work.