Leonard Wood, Yankee military governor of that time, had the order of imposing the Platt Amendment in our country.

In its articles, especially the VIIth and the VIIIth was subscribing like imperative of the above-mentioned Amendment that “to put in conditions the United States of supporting the independence of Cuba and to protect its people, as well as for its own defense, the Government of Cuba will sell or hire to the United States the grounds necessary for coal bunkers or naval stations in certain points", and that "The government of Cuba will introduce the previous provisions in a permanent agreement with the United States." respectively.

The document was repealed in 1934, but as it is annotated in the article VIII, in spite of the abolition of the Amendment in 1934, the domination mechanism was supported in its entire validity even after the victory of the Revolution on January 1st, 1959.

The Naval Base of Guantánamo still occupies illegally the Cuban soil, where as our Commander pointed out: "In the territory illegally taken from Cuba, crimes have been committed, aggressions and provocations against our people... it has turned into a field of detention and tortures”.

In view of the reestablishment of the relations between the United States and Cuba, it is one of the points to solve, claim done in innumerable stages, the most recent that of the Summit EU-CELAC of Brussels.

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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