It is said that Ángel de la Guardia, in the advance along with Martí, was hurt in his mount. Practically he went out from under it, took position behind the ¨fustete¨ and was fought the enemies. To his sight was the body of the "President". He managed to approach, tried to rescue it and could not do it. Dominador de la Guardia would remember later that, suddenly, distinguished in the distance his brother who was doing signs to him. He wondered what was doing Angel in such an anticipated line, and kicked off to call him so that he return along with the Cuban strengths.

In the middle of thick clouds of gunpowder, which according to the witnesses were allowing little to discern of the struggle. De la Guardia returned finally to his troops and communicated the news. He delayed in arriving for the conditions of his horse. When he was giving the news Baconao was bleeding.

On having listened the news that there was bringing the young lieutenant, Gómez, in impulsive, anxious gesture went to the field, so much he approached the Spanish lines searching for the body, that the enemies presumed that they have injured him (...) Gómez, on not having been able to distinguish the body thought that "healthy or injured" Martí could be missed.

But, the Spanish troops had found the body.

Gómez continued the search.

On the 20th, at 3:00pm, the corpse of the Maestro, that had been kept by soldiers, was taken to the cemetery of the town known by Remanganaguas. Four soldiers were carrying it. It was buried directly in the ground and only with the pants that he. They buried him in a pit, under the corpse of a Spanish soldier.

After several meets with the enemy, the same day, Gómez, driven to despair for knowing of Martí, went up to the place where the previous evening the Spanish Colonel Ximénes de Sandoval had done a stop taking with him the corpse of the Apostle. Doña Modesta comentó that Martí was dead: she indicated him that he had a shot in the face and another in the breast. Gómez evaluated that in effect, with these wounds it was impossible that he was alive.

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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