Camagüey.- To Elio González Batista his arms have never trembled when he has had to extend them to transfer his blood. This way it was confirmed by the 142 donations that he accumulates in almost 30 years. Over 70 liters of the vital liquid have gone out of his veins, nevertheless, of all these occasions he remembers one that marked him forever.


"It was in the Casino Park sharing with friends when they said in the radio that there was a very serious injured little girl in the Pediatric Hospital Eduardo Agramonte Piña and donors were needed. Inmediately I went there and, of all, my blood was the only one that served. I gave her, from my veins; I still feel my skin when I think about it. It has been more or less 20 years ago".

This 47 year-old man, neighbor of the town Cromo, to the north of this city, is one of the so many Camagüeyans who contributed that the province received this year the condition of highlighted by the fulfillment of the plan of donations. The recognition arrived during the provincial activity for the day of the donor, celebrated this Thursday in the share-out Albaisa, from hands of Carlos Rafael Miranda, national coordinator of the block-based Committees for the Defense of the Revolution.

The official extoled the internal transformations that propitiated that Camagüey reached the first levels of the country and there prevailed the incorporation of a significant number of young donors who gradually mark a renewal process. Out of the 34 059 donations that represent the national plan in one month, the Camagüeyans contribute with 2 500, what constitutes the important number of 15 000 liters a year.

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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