CAMAGÜEY. - In the gallery-lounge "Nicolás Guillén", located in the newspaper Adelante, the traveling exhibition: Cartels for the Peace, under the auspices of the Movement for the Peace of Cuba and the Cuban Association of Social Communicators was inaugurated today.

As it was known, both institutions in occasion of IV International Seminar Against the Foreign Military bases in Guantanamo, 2015, summoned for the contest Cartels for the peace and against the war, and of denunciation for the maintenance of the genocidal blockade of the United States against the Greatest of the Antilles and the illegal occupation for more than a hundred years of a portion of the most oriental part of the Cuban regions.

Since it is known, there is a center of tortures there and other demonstrations of human rights violation, since 2002.

The increase of the military bases in the world constitutes a serious danger for the peace and of 1 000 existing, the United States has 850 bases distributed in five continents.

The travelling exposition is represented by creators of the country and includes designers of Camagüey who contribute their grain of sand to the struggle for the independence of the territory of Guantanamo.

The passing along the City of the Tinajones coincides with the anniversary 72 of the Victory over the fascism, a chapter of the history that the humanity cannot forget.

The cartels of the exposition of Camagüey´s artists corresponds to the designers Yander Aguila Fernández, Alejandro Bonet Piñón, José A. García Pérez, David González Pérez, Luis Varcasia Era, Oscar Viñas Ortiz, Luis Omar Álvarez and Josefina Lucía Valdivia Nuñez.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez